What is BASIX?

Basix, or building sustainability index, is a NSW Government planning measure to reduce household electricity and water use by setting minimum sustainability targets for new and renovated homes. Basix identifies design features that will affect the likely level of thermal comfort and water and energy use per household such as location, building size, orientation and construction type, landscaping and fixtures. It sets minimum targets that must be achieved before a Basix certificate can be generated, and then submitted as part of a development application or application for complying development. Water and energy use affects everyone and Basix will continue to lead the way in lowering household energy and water use and costs.

Our Working Process

BASIX is an integral part of the development application process in NSW. Once design plans are complete, the steps are:


Obtain a BASIX certificate


Submit your application


Assessing your application


Construction certificate


Occupation certificate


Completion receipt


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